Legends among men.

Last weekend Mike Nasra, Chris Francis and Elliot Murray-Flint set themselves the challenge of attending the Jesters Cider Fest for 12 hours on all three days, completing the Gold Card challenge three times. Yes, that’s 36 hours in Jesters.

I spoke to Mike, a Fresher, to ask why he decided to do this crazy challenge:

In a couple weeks I’ll be going home and will be without Jesters for over three months, this was one of the last times this year to cram in enough Jesters to get me through the summer.

I asked a lot of people if they wanted to do it and most of them just told me I was crazy and that I wouldn’t go through with it. Chris and Elliot on the other hand agreed to it as soon as I mentioned the idea.

Let’s see how they got on.

Day One


The rain was a bad start.

3The queue made it even worse.

4Sadly the group didn’t get a table. Rookie error.

5Sitting on the floor is something they all regretted.

6They had plenty of time to work out the best drinks deals.

7It didn’t take long for food to be ordered. Good shout.

8Still light at nearly 8pm, the boys wondered if it would ever end.


But things started to look up.

10The normal J-Town crowd started to arrive.

11Day one was completed with a few games of Heads Up.


Nice T-shirt Chris!

Day Two

I caught up with Mike after day one to ask him how it went:

Was absolutely tipping it down when we were queuing so we got soaked, managed to use my break to rush home and get dry clothes though. We had to sit on the floor for the first half until we managed to get someone’s table so we’re going even earlier today, got pretty bored yesterday but I think if we get a table all day it should be better.


The boys learnt from their previous mistake.


And bought more games with them this time.


Selfie time!


A classic game to pass the time.


So close now!


Day two went a lot smoother, two Gold Cards in their hands but the lads didn’t stop there.

Day Three


The days are made longer than 12 hours by the need to get there early and queue to get a table.


The rain makes everything worse.

20By day three the boys had mastered the art of getting a good spot. Solid effort.

22Smiles as the end was in sight.

23Games started to become tedious.


The countdown is on.


Saving the best till last.


Back to Heads Up for the final push.

43The struggle is real.


YES! Well done lads, three Gold Cards each. Now…what are you going to do with them all?

I caught up with Mike after his epic three day weekend was over to ask how he was feeling:

Well we did it, but I am a changed man, can only take Jesters in three hour doses and that was just too much.

27Chris, Mike and Elliot wearing holding their nine Gold Cards with pride.

When asked if he would do the challenge again, Mike said:

As a long term thing I hope to get every Gold Card I can, sort of like a personal collection.

But when I asked if he has been back to Jesters since, he said:

Some of my friends went to Jesters on the Monday but I couldn’t fathom the strength to go back, hopefully can go back there before I head off home.

However, when asked if it wad worth it, Mike said:

Totally, despite how long we were there it was enjoyable sitting in the sun having some ciders and meeting new people.

As Jesters Gold Card Challenge legends, we asked the boys what advice they have for people doing Octoberfest or the Cider Fest next year. Mike said:

I would say there are three essentials you need to bring, portable phone charger, non-electronic entertainment like a book or cards or a board game, and lots of food, and of course get there really early so you don’t have to sit on the Jesters dance floor like we did on Friday.


Elliot’s advice was:

Bring a jacket or change of clothes in case it rains, get in early for a table. Don’t do all three unless you’re crazy!


And finally, Chris said:

Get really drunk to pass the time, and get there early to get a good seat.


Elliot said the whole thing wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be and Chris has confirmed that they will be doing three days again next time. See you next year guys!

Are they crazy or legends? What is your Gold Card challenge advice? Let us know in the comments!


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    WOW!!!! I had no idea you were doing this. Pop in on Monday night and I’ll give you a case of bulmers each as a thank you and to congratulate you all. Well done chaps, Jesters legends. Even I went home early on the Sunday ?
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