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2nd year Management Student. Created the Wessex Scene website until getting bored and starting up the Soton Tab. Spends about 90% of his time not doing his degree.

“Facebook Raping”, known more commonly as “fraping”, is a phenomenon that has been around ever since Facebook…

election mk 2

Ladies and gentlemen, lovers and haters, welcome to The Soton Tab’s election results night live…

Is this the end for our student democracy?

The Tab has learned today that less than HALF the number of people have voted…

LIVE BLOG: Presidential Debate
we all agree with Nick

“I agree with what you’re saying…” BORING! Hopefully some controversy today for us livebloggers.

When you can't decide what to watch on Netlix

Southampton exam results FAIL

biscuit ban

Enough is enough. SUSU should lead by example and boycott the disgusting digestive biscuit!


Apparently Southampton is full of fashionistas…

LIVE: Nestle FINALE – SUSU will NOT be boycotting Nestle
Students trying to ban Nestle products AGAIN at SUSU AGM
Even fair trade Kit-Kats will be banned under the proposals

Next Tuesday is the SUSU Annual General Meeting (AGM), where every year students from across…

Soton Tab Editor Applications: NOW OPEN

We’re happy to announce that applications for the new Soton Tab Editorial Team are now…