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I'm 22 years old, studying Modern History & Politics.

The only thing MORE stupid than ’50 Shades of Grey’….is burning it
book burning 50 shades of grey

When ignorant people want to have fun, they get together and burn books. How we…

Free speech supporters should NOT be championing Ecuador
Ecuador's president Rafael Correa

The Julian Assange debacle has brought up Ecuador’s not so perfect record of human rights.

Britain: GET OVER Prince Harry!
prince harry polo 010806

What happens in Vegas isn’t quite staying in Vegas.

Review: WADE 2012

The Tab checked out WADE and had a chat with student union regulars; The Wideboys.

Facebook has launched yet another new feature, this time aimed at us students.

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Southampton University

Your three years at Southampton are likely to be divided between culling your brain cells…

Seriously Students, Shun The Snobbery

Whilst there are many things about Southampton University, SUSU and Wessex Scene that are worthy…

TOILET POLITICS: Environmental Minister Madness
flush toilet

Southampton students may have to prepare for a drought of common sense, after environmental minister…