The police investigation into Tuesday night’s horrifying triple sexual assault has turned up new evidence of FIVE MORE attacks stretching back to the beginning of the year, after the women involved came forward with information.

All five of these women were students.

Though the earlier incidents, where an Asian man exposed himself to female students, were already known to the police, they are now reopening the investigation in light of a credible link.

The three sex attacks on Tuesday night occurred within nine hours of each other in Grosvenor Road, Bannister Road and Havelock Road in the city.  Their violent nature has shocked the local press: in the second incident, the woman was threatened with what may have been a knife.

Students returning from nights out in Portswood have been particular targets in this new spate of attacks.  We at the Soton Tab warn all female students to be vigilant and take necessary precautions, not just in the coming weeks but as a matter of course.

SUSU’s and Radio Taxis’ ‘Always Get Home Safe’ initiative was rolled out in January.  Students with no money in their wallets can get a receipt from their taxi driver and repay via SUSU reception the next day.  The number to call is .

Though we have in the past made light of Portswood’s flashers, female students should be reminded how important it is to report even minor sexual attacks promptly, and to watch out for themselves while on nights out.

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