Bella Italia, the “posh” Italian restaurant chain, has REMOVED its popular 50% OFF student offer, in the face of overwhelming popularity.  A waiter told The Tab:

Next week we are cutting the deal to 30% as its been so popular

The deal was clearly too good to be true. It meant that an average starter cost a mere £2.25 and that you really could afford to have the nearly £14 steak on the menu. Bella Italia has the friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and reasonably good food that could have kept me coming back for many Wednesdays in the future. Still, 30% off is not to be sniffed at, it is one of the most generous student offers around.

So next time you go to Bella Italia on a Wednesday get a little nostalgic over what could of been; 3 course meal vs the veggy option on the menu because it is the cheapest. Bottle of wine? Just a glass instead. Next time you plan to impress a date by paying for everything don’t forget that Pizza Express still does a cracking Orange Wednesdays offer and if the date is a success SUSU Cafe‘s 7 piece breakfast is a mere £2.95.

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  • James

    “hey everyone I had a conversation with my waiter tonight! Better make this a hot news story…”