The Talking Heads is one of the iconic music venues of the south. After facing a slow, declining, downturn last year it was reborn, spearheaded by a 4000 strong social networking campaign called ‘Save the Heads’.

During its renovation in March this year there was a small fire which set back the grand reopening by a few weeks, but it was saved by the quick thinking of a local neighbour, and the Talking Heads rose from the ashes (pun intended) to be the shining example of live music we all know and love.

The Talking Heads is very much a community orientated establishment living for its local clientele as well as its musicians of international stardom who play there. If you go in there on the right afternoon you will see an Irish folk group practicing at the front bar as you have a pint, all for free.

In the evenings the stage is graced by legendary rock stars and upcoming musicians alike. In fact, the Solent music students often have their course gigs there so it’s something for every generation and genre.

Therefore the news of the Talking Heads being broken into sometime after 4.30 am Sunday December 16th is shocking for a venue that has fought to stay on top.Thieves took the till containing £300. My sources say the security of the place was compromised when vandals who didn’t like the promoter during an hip-hop gig earlier damaged the windows, and with no time for permanent repair until the next week, thieves took advantage and broke in via the fire doors.

Whether this is connected to the previous incidents is speculation; it is however safe to assume that the culprits are not musically minded – they would place a higher value on the welfare of the venue – but they may well be local if they have organised the burglary watching and monitoring at various times.

Police have been appealing for news or unusual activity within the local area of that time and with vigilant neighbours around it should only be a matter of time before they are apprehended.

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  • Haaz

    Look, a thief is going to steal when he gets the opportunity. The writer seems to think thieves care about the value of a place to the locality and all that mushy stuff. Really? Get your head out of the ground :/