With over 2 million views and over 9000 comments to date, there’s a lot to get excited about. From April Fools to sex (lots of sex), 2013 has been a thrilling year for the Soton Tab: here are the best articles of the past 365 days

5) Credit where credit is due to Ella Dove for successfully managing to fool most Southampton students on April Fool’s Day with her article saying that Southampton University was leaving the Russell Group. It was even picked up by The Independent

southamptonuni 4) It wouldn’t be the Tab without a bit of controversy. Number 4 on our list is May Bulman‘s Why Are The British So Ugly? article

British ugly 3) More controversy? Yes please. With a massive 74 comments there’s no way Michelle Dando‘s WHATSOC on ONSSOC wasn’t going to make it into the big top 5.

onssoc 2) This one was inevitable (who doesn’t love Jesters?). If you haven’t done the 10 Things You Have To Do At Jesters yet then make it your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 to complete them all.

jesters win at life

1) In first place and definitely worthy of its gold medal is the results of our renowned Sex Survey.

sex survey tab


A massive thanks to all our editors and writers for making the Tab the success that it is. Note that all these articles are written by different people! Want to get involved? Want your article to feature next year? Join our on Facebook.

Fancy some procrastination? Delve into the Tab’s archives and read our top 5 articles of 2011 and 2012.

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