Deadlines and exams are creeping up on us so the Soton Tab is here to help with a list of 10 must-do activities before we all go home for summer. Treat this as your tick list for life to ensure you’ll have an end to the year you won’t forget or regret!

1. Jesters Cider Festival

This beauty could be yours!

This beauty could be yours! (for 2014/2015)

Freshers, listen up! This is your annual chance to possess the most valuable loyalty card in Britain: Jester’s Gold Card. With free entry and queue jump (most nights) you’d be crazy not to accept this challenge. All you have to do is spend 12 glorious hours in the Palace of Dreams! This truly is a dream come true. Before you go don’t forget to read our top tips for surviving the challenge and while you’re there be sure to complete the Tab’s other 9 Jesters challenges! Join their  for more information.

2. Apply for student finance

Don’t forget to send your letter off ASAP! Avoid being even more poor than normal come October when you’ll be forced to miss out on fresher’s week events and eat porridge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nevertheless, here are some great money saving tips for students from the University and the Soton Tab if you do forget to apply.

3. Get your deposit back

We all know, or more likely have, a dodgy landlord so make sure you keep inventories and are there when they come for an inspection at the end of your contract. Book an appointment with the SUSU Advice Centre or have a look at their online guides if you are unsure of anything. Don’t be scared to stand up for yourself!

4. Playzone

With Happy Hour from 8-11 on Tuesdays and Fridays, who can resist a giant room of slides, obstacles and a bar? Fly back to your childhood days with an evening at Playzone in Portsmouth and enjoy a work and stress-free time! This is definitely a must-do activity and the best post-exam reward possible.

5. Find a house

If you haven’t done already it’s probably a good idea to find a suitable house for next year. Assess your priorities and look for accommodation as close to Jesters OR the library as possible. Watch out for disorganised landlords and always check for mould!

6. Watch Wolf of Wall Street

Treat this event as research for alternative career paths in case you do actually fail your exams and fancy a back up plan. On Wednesday 30th April this flawless Leo tribute is showing at the Union Cinema. With unbeatable prices and above-average popcorn, you’d be mad to miss it!

7. Update your CV

Now is the perfect time to polish your CV and start emailing round for internships or work experience for the summer. Before you do, don’t forget to check out Alistair Sterward’s top tips for perfecting your CV. The University’s career department offer loads of workshops that can help boost your CV or give you the confidence to get the job. If you’re free Wednesday 30th, head over to their interview skills session and you never know what you might learn.

8. BBQ on the Common

A small lake on the common that provides a picturesque backdrop to your BBQ (photo taken by Catherine Shepherd)

A small lake on the Common that provides a picturesque backdrop to your drunken summer antics (photo taken by Catherine Shepherd)

If you hadn’t realised it yet, Southampton Common is the ideal place for BBQs and a summer romance. Get your friends and a disposable BBQ and head over to the grass and enjoy the rare British sun!

9. Go cycling in the New Forest

With a large proportion of our students cycling to and from University, why not do it in a beautiful location just down the road? This sublime area offers a peaceful retreat from the stressful exam period with loads of activitiesto occupy your time.

10. Spend 24 hours in Hartley Library

A familiar sight for all students - the heart of Highfield Campus

A familiar sight for all Southampton students – the heart of Highfield Campus

Last but definitely not least we dare you to double the Jester’s Gold Card challenge time and spend it somewhere much scarier. With the recent plan to make Hartley library open 24 hours a day and students’ finders-keepers attitude to work space, why not take advantage and set up camp?

What do you think of our list? Come on third years, anything we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments. 


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  • TooSober

    I love porridge, fuck student finance.


  • South Hill B Rat

    All you poor S.O.B’s do those stuff, I’m looking forward to kicking it up on a faraway tropical island right after exams.

    Ahh, the perks of being a rich man’s child…