group of savvy Southampton students have built a hot tub in their back garden, inciting fervent excitement among the student population.


On Saturday night the six proud Ship Science and Physics students showcased their homemade hot tub to the scores of guests who attended their house party on University Road.

The steaming pool was soon filled with people getting into the party spirit, enjoying their booze in the glorious heat of the water.


It stayed hot for over three hours and was in use until around 2am, at which point guests headed to the house to carry out the more common house party activities until the crack of dawn.


The construction of the hot tub was no easy feat. George Johnson, one of the masterminds behind it, explained the process:

We bought an inflatable pool on Ebay, and took one of the pump lines out of it. We made a system by which the water gets sucked out of the pool, goes through some copper pipes inside the chimney and then back into the pool, heated.


He explained that himself and housemates Alex Garrod, Sam Reynolds, George Gallagher, Dan Saltmarsh, Oli Short plus friend Dan Flanigan had to do “quite a lot of actual plumbing”, soldering joints on and the like.

Heating the pool for the night also proved a mighty task. George said:

It took 30 hours to heat. The seven of us ran a little watch system- there were always two of us by the fire keeping it going.

But their dedication paid off. Civil Engineering student Will Hooper was one of many who tried and tested the hot tub over the course of the night. He said:

Despite the impending risk of hyperthermia, hepatitis and humiliation I knew in the back of my mind that I would probably end up in the hot tub. Little did I realise it only took five rounds of touch-the-cup before I found myself in this recreational bathing pool.


On the topic of drunken hot tub activity, Will said:

Swim at your own risk should have been the phrase of the night, as responsible supervision of this public bath was minimal. Despite the intoxicated entrants, the belly flop competition, synchronised swimming and five length free style, events were carried out successfully without the need for a lifeguard.

While the Facebook event advised guests to bring swimwear, few did. But it didn’t matter. People went in the pool in their underwear and even their clothes. At least one phone is reported to have been wrecked from water-damage.

Female Physics student Anouska Partner was one of the keen guests to plunge into the pool fully clothed. She said:

A hot tub party in highfield is a novelty so I wanted to take full advantage of it. I got straight in in my leggings and top. It did not disappoint- so warm!


Fourth-year student Sander Lootus, who spent a considerable amount of time wading around and belly-flopping into the pool, was equally enthusiastic. He said:

It was super mega fun. Every party needs one.
To match the incredible hot tub feature, the hosts did the place up nicely. Attendees enjoyed atmospheric tree lights, a beer pong table and a bedroom-turned-dancefloor, complete with a banging sound system. What a night.

George concluded:

The hot tub was completely experimental, but ultimately a great success. We’re going to try do it again, but bigger and better. Maybe we’ll do a Christmas bash.

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  • Roger E. Lee

    One in ten UK households now has a sex pond, but only a tiny fraction admit they bought theirs because bubbles get them hot.

    43-year-old Tom Logan said: “We got a hot tub because of my bad back. I’ve got a slipped disc or something like that.

    “Sometimes I get in it with my wife and she rubs my back for about half an hour, it has a therapeutic effect.

    “Occasionally other good-looking couples with bad backs come around, and we rub each other’s aching joints in the moonlight while sipping medicinal champagne.

    “You might hear us groaning softly with the sensations of soothing pain relief.

    “That’s what happens and don’t let my neighbours tell you any different, they’re just jealous, bitter people.”

    Fellow sex pond owner Stephen Malley has a more honest approach: “We get in it and fuck. It’s like being a big sexy fish.

    “Sometimes the dog jumps in too but we don’t encourage that.”


  • Little Jonny

    Looks like a circle jerk?


  • Buzz Killington

    These students quite clearly have too much time on their hands. Lucky they’re not paying £9k fees


  • Adam Verity

    Gutted I wasn’t invited.


  • Josh

    Sooooo…what’s the address?