Varsity is this week! We got chatting to Rachel Sykes, President of the Athletics and Cross Country Team.

r sWhat’s your nick name?


Degree subject?

Child nursing

Position in the club?


Three words to describe you?

Fun, friendly and approachable!

One thing that makes your club different to the rest?

People of all abilities are able to train and compete.

Where and when is your typical social night out?

Wednesdays at JESTERS!!

The most outrageous thing that has happened on a club social?

Our old Vice President trying to pull a man out of his wheelchair in Jesters.


What are the kits like?

A new exciting kit has been designed by Under Armour. It matches the Team Soton colours.

Three reasons why people should join the club?

1) One of the cheapest clubs with a lot of members, 2) we train hard but love a good night out as well, 3) we are the best club within the Athletics Union!

Less than a week to go until Varsity! Get in touch at if you want your sports team to feature before the big day.


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  • Jack Morley

    I wouldn’t recommend joining this club


    Jack Morley

    We’re also clearly not the best club in the Athletic Union – we haven’t been visited by VP sports candidates yet