For our final Team Southampton interview before the big day, we chatted to Ed Rainford about Southampton’s Mixed Lacrosse Team.


Ed in action

Whats your club nick name?


Degree subject?


Position in the club?


Three words to describe you?

Strong, intelligent, beautiful

Your most embarrassing moment at Soton?

Has to be a moment in first year. It was my first time using the pool and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. I ended up getting changed in the wrong changing rooms. I only realised when I came out the cubicle and got told off by a woman in the middle of getting changed.

What makes it different to the other clubs?

The fact that we appeal equally to both competitive and casual players. You don’t have to commit a lot of time if you’re not able to.


The Mixed Lax team

Describe a typical social night out.

Socials are on Wednesday nights. We have a huge house-crawl through Portswood finishing up in the Palace of Dreams.

What is the most outrageous thing that has happened on a social?

We would definitely never do anything outrageous.

fancy dress boys tellytubbies

This isn’t outrageous?

What are your kits like?

We’ve got the swanky new Team Soton kit, so red and gold.

Three reasons why people should join?

1) To try something new, most people have never played before Uni

2) because we’re such a relaxed, sociable club

3) You get to come on Tour with us which will be one of the best weeks of your uni life!


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  • GarbageMan

    Guys dressing up as girls? Im literally crying with laughter, fucking hell, where do I sign up!


    Head over heels for lax

    Quite clearly teletubbies..


  • Truthteller2000

    We have a Lacrosse team? I had no idea.


  • David Gunns

    I want to be included!! Why did no one ask my opinion??


  • Fan

    That guy on the left as the purple teletubby has fantastic quads!

    Where do I sign up for mixed lacrosse?