With Varsity just around the corner, meet Chris Royals, Club Captain of the Southampton cricket team.  


What’s your club nick name?


Degree subject?


Position in the club?

Club Captain

Three words to describe you:

Ashley Giles Impersonator

Your most embarrassing moment at Soton?

It involved Tour and a mankini…

What makes SUCC unique?

We’re a big club (running five teams), but with a small club atmosphere. Everyone gets on with everyone and you can’t tell who’s in what team on socials. We’re also one of very few clubs at Southampton who play BUCS Premier.

Describe a typical social night out.

Clowns followed by Jesters or Oceana, but we also mix it up a bit, including a wine and cheese night and an all-day trip to the Isle of Wight.

The most outrageous thing that has happened on a social?

It’s a toss up between challenging a group of 50 year olds on a stag to do a boat race on the Isle of Wight (we won) or our Social Sec accidentally throwing a full pint in the face of a Vixen. Fortunately she took it fairly well!

What are your kits like?

Like all cricket teams, we wear whites which instantly makes anyone look dashing.


Three reasons why people should join this year:

We train year round at the Ageas Bowl, where Hampshire’s pros train, we have cracking socials every week and we offer a standard of cricket for everyone, from BUCS Premier to social T20s for beginners.

Good luck to the Cricket Team and the rest of Team Southampton who are competing in Varsity this Sunday!

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