AcroYoga launched last week as a brand new society.  So, naturally, we caught up with the President, Kirsty Bradley, to find out what it has to offer…

Most of us have only heard of Yoga – what is AcroYoga, and how is it different?

AcroYoga is an adaptation of Yoga which involves balance, core strength and lets you fly!  AcroYoga is just a calming and satisfying as Yoga, if not more so.  The main difference is that AcroYoga involves two or more people to create a pose.  AcroYoga uses gravity and the body to act as a shelf, allowing the flyer to be supported by the base. You don’t need to be especially strong or a certain shape or size, it’s all about the correct posture and position which feels weightless for both the flyer and the base. It’s the only way to be completely weightless without swimming or joining a space shuttle to the outer reaches of the globe.  It involves trust, challenges you and your body, whilst improving core muscles and flexibility.

Instructor led classes are now held

Jazzy outfits welcome

What inspired you to set up the society?

I saw some Southamptoners practising and just introduced myself.  It was my dream to bring the ‘sport’ to the student community so they could reap the benefits.  It’s not just my love of Acro, but I also thought it could relieve stress, improve the physical health of students and help with their overall student experience.

Do you need any experience to come along?

No, you can come along to any of our sessions. You just need to introduce yourself as a beginner so that we can go through some safety rules and cater the poses we try with you. Everyone is welcome and all our info can be found online.  If you are a non-student you just need to get SUSU membership form the reception before joining.

All are welcome!

Leg day…

When and where do you hold classes?

We hold classes with an instructor on Fridays, Saturdays (core muscle improvement session) and Sundays, with some general practice sessions on Sundays mornings depending on demand.  Full details can be found on our or SUSU page.

What should people expect in their first AcroYoga session?

They should expect to be hooked straight away! Once you try it, you never go back. We have been overwhelmed by the amount of interest, its uniqueness has helped interest rocket with 80-100 people attending our first taster last Friday! I never knew my little dream could launch like this, to a huge society.  I think Acro is so unique and satisfying that we will be a very popular society. Everything I hoped it could be, I hope!

Flying without wings...

Base and flyer test their balance

What’s the best thing about the society? Any personal highlights?

I was never that flexible or physically competent and I got stressed very easily and Acro has helped me in leaps and bounds. I have improved my flexibility and my core muscles as well as mental balance. I enjoy the trust aspect and challenging myself to both base and fly. But I have to say the feeling afterwards is delicious. I often describe it as feeling like melted caramel, your body feels amazing. Its hard to describe but come and join us and have a go!


Check out that pyramid!

Describe a typical social for us…

We are a newly affiliated society and we’re just starting up. So we have yet to have a social. In the warmer months we hope to be practising on the common – its even better outside!

If you’re interested in joining the AcroYoga society, don’t forget to check out their Facebook page .  

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