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I like words.


Regular readers of these pages will know I spent rather a lot of my precious…

Live Blog: SUSU AGM 2014

It’s that time of year again, we at The Tab are here in The Bridge…


Jeremy Clarkson’s gone and got himself embroiled in yet another scandal. Quelle surprise, I hear…

International Men’s Day? It’s already here, chaps.

Today, readers, I am excited. March 14th holds a special place in my heart, and…

henry v

I bloody hate Henry V. As a play it has plagued me throughout my life,…

An Open Letter to Kevin Sharkey, regarding ‘Prinking’
4 drinks

Dear Kev, (can I call you Kev? I’d hate for us to get off on…

To NekNominate, Or Not To NekNominate?
Featured Image

You’ve seen the videos, news stories and messy aftermaths of a NekNomination. Now it’s time…