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Nearly award-winning journalist, active feminist and lover of Kit Kats. Aspirations of writing for the Daily Mail.

Winchester School of Art: Discrimination For Beauty?

This morning, I received some news that both shocked and outraged me in equal measure….

WHAT’should be’SOC? One Night Stand Society
Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 19.22.46

One Night Stand Society (ONSSOC) is Southampton’s newest and most exclusive group of people. Not…

michelle dando

Hi Beauts! As you probably know, my name’s Michelle Dando and I AM your future SUSU President! Now you’ve clicked on…

Train Your Man In Time For Valentine’s Day!
The ESSENTIAL training game

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching which means you should get your man suitably trained, ready to shower…

Are YOU A Southampton BNOC?

It is the accolade that every Sotonian wants to hold, yet a title which only the elite…

Sex Survey: Your Embarrassing Confessions
sex survey tab

We received over 300 embarrassing sex stories from our survey, mostly all about being walked in on by…

Dando’s 4 TOP TIPS for Becoming a Better Person

It’s that time of year again when everyone who isn’t as perfect as me makes…

Southampton Student ‘CUDDLES FOR CASH’
This could be you....

So you’re on a night out in Portswood, and a handsome fella catches your eye….

The Palace of Dreams to the Man of your Dreams…in 5 Easy Steps!
drooling man

Feeling lonely? Find yourself constantly looking longingly at THAT guy across your lecture theatre, but…

Dear Michelle… Fresher Special
dear michelle

The one and only MICHELLE DANDO is here to give her advice for all those anxious freshers. Read on for tales of booze, sex and pets.