four stars

On Saturday the 19th of October I had the pleasure of being placed, along with a few of my mates, on the guest list to see Pete Tong live, and it was a bloody amazing night. Usually when you’re going to see someone play in a roller-rink-turned-nightclub you expect it to be a pretty awful night out no matter how respectable the name is, but the whole event was honestly one of the best nights I’ve ever been to.

As soon as we walked in there was a tangible energy of love, happiness and general appreciation of the quality music. Some sceptics might put that down to the fact that half the crowd may have been on some stimulant or another, but I, ever the optimist, like to think that everyone was just really, really excited.

It was quality from the word go, and even the warm-up act was getting quite a good response, but I decided that to really get to the heart of this event, I needed to enter the core of the dancing, even if it meant wading through a few guys and girls rotating their jaws to the beat of the music. As I was making my way through large crowds of people – many intent on proving to me that they were my best friend, and the rest either smiling uncontrollably or looking into a potential lovers eyes with a look I’m sure they will have shared the following morning – I couldn’t help but appreciate just how much everyone was enjoying themselves. The music was brilliant, a good mix of tunes familiar to some, and others that were upcoming, all delivered with purpose and intent, in the same way that I’m sure ‘The Father of Ibiza’ is used to. As well as excellent music, the drinks were cheap, and after a few double vodka oranges I started to feel just as ecstatic as everyone else. Okay, maybe not quite as happy, but some of them did have an unfair advantage… As if the night couldn’t get any better, I also found a tenner outside whilst getting some cheesy chips, which is a pretty good way to end any night.

Overall I’d give the night a top recommendation, dropping a point only because the venue was pretty awful, and Pete’s set was only an hour long, but if he’s ever in town again (which I am informed by his son he will be), it’s a must see event, especially if you’re into your house music. I’d end on some cliché about how it didn’t go Pete Tong, but I don’t want to embarrass myself, and the Soton Tab.

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