This year’s Southampton Freshers are in for a treat, as the Student Union’s Freshers’ Masterpass is back.

The access all areas pass was introduced for the first time last year, providing students with entry to big club nights, live music events, comedy shows, top acts, bar socials, pub crawls, free food and much more.

But SUSU have announced that the pass is “bigger and better” this year, providing access to more events than ever before, as well as discounts including 10% off selected food and drinks in SUSU venues across the entire six week Freshers’ period.



There are two types of Masterpass to choose from:

For those who want to hit it hard, the ‘Outgoing’ Masterpass (£95) will give access to over a whopping 60 events. These will include big club nights such as the UV Rave Welcome Party, Submission, Bloc Party, Silent Disco, the Big Night Out and the Halloween FOAM Party, as well as several performances from well-known artists.

Alternatively, for those don’t fancy going totally wild, the ‘Easy-Going’ Masterpass (£65) will give access to over 25 top events, including events such as Laughter Lounge, Dine Out in Southampton, The ‘Pub’ Stroll, Crazy Golf, Roller Disco, Cheese and Wine, Film Nights, Murder Mystery and Freshers Ball.

Find out more about these magical passes and exciting events on SUSU’s events . Tickets can be purchased at the SUSU box office, which can be accessed here.

Freshers, which pass will you go for? Which events are you buzzing about? Let us know in the comments below…



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  • God

    How much money do the people at SUSU think students have? Who in their right mind would spend almost a hundred pounds on lots of things that they probably won’t end up going to? That’s even more of a rip-off than the wristband thing they conned me out of twenty quid for when I was in first year.

    At least they’re now attempting to make an effort for people who don’t like clubbing.



    “lots of things that they probably won’t end up going to?”

    Speak for yourself. Please don’t project your sad inhibitions onto the general student population. Most of us actually enjoyed going out during freshers.



    Would you want to do (at least almost) everything that the pass allows, even if you had to pay for it all individually?

    If the answer to that question is yes, then fair enough. If the answer to that question isn’t yes, at least some things on the pass are a complete waste of money. Unless you’re so stubborn that you’d go to something you don’t care about just because you’ve paid for it, that means that there will be lots of things that you probably won’t end up going to.

    For some people it will be better value than for others, but regardless of what you like doing, at least some of it will be a waste. For example, would you really go to Oceana EVERY Wednesday for the first six weeks? You wouldn’t decide that you’d want to go somewhere different on at least one of them?

    I’d be surprised if most people couldn’t do all the things that they wanted to do for less than £95 by buying them individually.