It looks like the University of Southampton is home to some of the best mathematicians in the country, recently coming second in this year’s University Test League Table.

Grad Diary

Students across the UK have been taking Grad Diary’s free practice numeracy tests to test out their ability when it comes to numerical testing, a form of assessment that is increasingly popular amongst graduate employers. The scores have been used by Grad Diary to compile the collective scores of universities across the UK.

The rankings were as follows:

Av. Score ( / 20 )
1 University of Oxford 14.34
2 University of Southampton 14.28
3 University of Leicester 14.00
4 Imperial College London 13.96
5 Durham University 13.48
6 University of Bath 13.47
7 London School of Economics and Political Science 13.33
8 University of Essex 13.16
9 Loughborough University 13.13
10 University College London – UCL 12.93
11= University of Bristol 12.67
11= University of Edinburgh 12.67
13 University of Warwick 12.64
14 City University London 12.61
15 Lancaster University 12.30
16 University of Cambridge 12.20
17 University of Exeter 12.02
18 University of Reading 11.93
19 King’s College London 11.80
20 University of Sussex 11.75

Brainy Southampton students averaged a score of 14.28 which positioned us just behind Oxford- not bad going considering they’re ranked third highest in the world for mathematics.

In third and fourth positions came Leicester and Imperial College London. Meanwhile, Sussex just about scraped it into the table in twentieth position, and Cambridge, which is ranked fourth internationally for maths, came out lagging behind us in just sixteenth place. Embarrassing for them.

The Grad Diary guys were clearly impressed by our mathematic talent, stating:

With Southampton briefly topping the table they have been a strong contender for the top spot in recent months and an average score of 14.28 they certainly deserve to be ranked as highly as they are.

Indeed, we may not be Oxbridge, but we still have the brains! Congrats to any student who took part in these tests and helped us to bag this silver medal. Evidently it’s possible to be a cool university and get swatty scores. We even came top in March this year!

Brand new tests are live now- all you numerically-minded Sotoners out there, let’s get working towards bagging first place next year!

Did you take part last year? Are you surprised by Southampton’s top score? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • God

    I wonder how big the sample size was for each university / what subjects the people doing the test were studying.

    To be honest, it probably says a lot more about the ratio of maths/physics/engineering : humanities students that took the test than the mathematical ability of a typical student at each university.



    Ironically, any student with a good understanding of statistics would completely disregard these results.