On the lead-up to Varsity, we’re chatting to a few of the Team Southampton top dogs about their sports teams, themselves and their socials.

Here’s what we found out from Touch Rugby’s Oli Hacke.


What’s your club nick name?

“The Cube” (gained that one last summer)

Degree subject?

Civil Engineering and Architecture

Position in the club?


Three words to describe you:

Fantastic, amazing, great…. and modest.

What makes Touch Rugby different from other clubs?

Touch Rugby is a mixed team sport. We also play against lots of different teams – these aren’t just other universities but also local teams in Southampton and Bournemouth. There are loads of tournaments we can take part in.

Describe a typical social night out?

Starts at The Stag’s, then Clowns followed by Jesters or Oceana.


The most outrageous thing that has happened on a social?

We went to Pizza Express after a tournament and got completely ripped off – £6.65 for each pint of Peroni…

What are your kits like?

Bright blue and yellow vests, short shorts and outrageous boots.

Mixed Touch Rugby team

Mixed Touch Rugby team

Three reasons why people should join?

People should join Touch Rugby because it’s loads of fun, fast paced, and great for fitness. But at the same time it’s not too serious.

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  • tina from S club 7

    I played touch rugby once hehe. There should be 7 a team though. teams of 7 are best.


  • Boats n hoes

    Isn’t touch rugby just a warmup exercise before a proper sport?