With Varsity coming up, we asked Alex Stebbings a bit about herself and Team Southampton’s Ladies Lacrosse team.

alex stebbings

Whats your nickname?


Degree subject?


Position in the club?

First team Captain

Three words to describe you?

Loud, Sarcastic, Lax-Keen.

Your most embarrassing moment at soton?

I have many, most arise from me speaking. The one I am most willing to share is probably trying to break into my old house last year convinced I still lived there.

What makes Lacrosse Unique?

Team Spirit. We all band together to support each other, whether during matches or training or during a dance off in Sobar or a heart to heart in the Jesters toilets. We don’t take ourselves seriously we just play lacrosse and have a laugh.


Where and when is your typical social night out? 

Wednesday night after game day we all go out with all the other clubs in Portswood. We all love a Jesters night with a sassy fancy dress theme. But we also have loads of different socials and sober socials so everyone in the club gets involved.

The most outrageous thing that has happened on a club social?

Well that would be telling. What happens on a lax social stays on Lax banter, a secret group where we share all our social happenings, after all sharing is caring. We all have a few stories most arise from our annual social with Rugby on the IOW each year or from Tour though so people should deffo join for them.

What are the kits like?

We wear the sassy new team Southampton kit of course.

Three reasons why people should join the club?

1) We have three teams so whether you have played for England or never picked up a stick before there is a team for you!

2) We have socials with loads of other sports teams so joining lacrosse is a great way to get to feel like a BNOC.

3) We go on tour every year with all the other teams to Salou, which last year was a sassy affair and a definite must.

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  • Jake Kelly

    interesting to ask the lax captain why hockey is unique


  • cjeam

    URL says hockey too


  • God

    jesus christ and holy mother mary no one cares about lacrosse. make this free publicity stop soon. the tab is so samey now, i mean vote for your best nightclub? last year may have been tasteless but christ at least it was interesting to read.


    Superior Male Sporter

    *no one cares about ladies lacrosse


  • GarbageMan

    Lax-Keen sounds like something you’d be prescribed for constipation