Dirty Box Promotions continues its rampant domination of Southampton’s nightlife with its recent announcement of the opening of a new venue, SWITCH.


SWITCH will not just be used for Warehouse events. The club is also set to be used for The Big Fresher’s Ice Breaker as well as some of SUSU’s planned events, along with a group of regular student nights, including Juiced, which was previously held on Friday nights at Voodoo Lounge.

It  looks like this could become the most popular venue in Southampton, with a capacity of 1,250 and some huge events pencilled in. Not only will it be a big name among freshers who will be having some of their first big uni nights there, it will also be a regular fixture for students who have already sampled student nightlife in Southampton. DBP is clearly looking to branch out too, with proposed Indie and Alternative nights on the cards, expanding their focus beyond the largely electric genres.

Speaking exclusively to the Soton Tab, Ryan Keary owner of DBP stated that this was the obvious next step for the company:

We’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Something came up at the right price and the right time and we felt like it was a good move for us. This is a good move for everyone though, especially those going to our large events. Tickets will be far cheaper than they would have been when renting out other venues. We’ll have better facilities, better sound systems, and ultimately it means we can have full control over every event we put on.”

When asked if he felt this would mean specifically Warehouse events losing their unique and alternative individuality, he responded saying:

I really don’t feel like it will. Admittedly, SWITCH will be being used for regular nights, but we are going to transform it for every event we do. It will look completely different for a Warehouse event, it’s not going to be like a normal student night, and we’re going to make sure it has that really great feel to it that all Warehouse events do. Our aim is to ultimately be toe-to-toe with some of the best clubs in England, and who wouldn’t want that on their doorstep? In a very simple way, this move means cheaper tickets, easier accessibility, a better venue, and greater control over all our events.”

According to the new Facebook page, there will be prizes to be won soon, and with Fresher’s Week drawing in it seems that there will be something new for all Southampton students to sample. But one thing is for sure- it looks like SWITCH is going to be around for a lot longer than Myth’s one year tenure.

Are you excited about this new venue? Will it be better than Myth? Let us know in the comments below!


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  • Student

    Nice advert. Wonder what they paid.


  • Punter

    more like 8 month tenure