Drama in Portswood this afternoon as a man was chased by the police.

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A chaotic scene was created in Portswood at around 4pm this afternoon outside The Richmond Inn.

A witness has told us that they saw a man get hit over the head with a piece of wood causing a huge gash on his forehead and a woman and her baby got covered in lighter fluid but it wasn’t lit.

The police arrived and pulled up alongside a “homeless-looking” man carrying a large rucksack, who, upon seeing them, dropped the bag and fled.

Sources tell us that the police chased the man down Portswood Avenue and in a circle till they came back with him in handcuffs.

During this time, another man came past on his bike with a dog and scooped up the bag. The same man arrived back on the scene later without the bag.

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Credit: Olivia Handyside

The police are now looking for the bag and the previously handcuffed man has been let free.

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Credit: Olivia Handyside

When we asked a police officer on the scene what was going on, he responded with:

We don’t know ourselves

Witness, Ashley, a Second Year Law student, was more helpful and told us:

There were several police cars, I’d say around five or six. I saw one man running away with what looked like blood covering his face. He was with a guy on a bike with a dog. I also saw a guy getting arrested that was cool.

If anyone has any information please let us know and the Soton Tab will keep you updated as we hear more.

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  • XG

    What breed was the dog? And where is it now? I think we should be told. Was it a small one, perhaps riding in a bike basket? Just hope it wasn’t riding on the cross bar – that’s really dangerous, so I believe.