A helpless Solent fresher got her head stuck in a bottle bank in the early hours of this morning.

Fire crews were called to the car park at the Civic Centre at around 3am.

The woman, believed to be in her 20s, had been on a night out with her friends in the city centre before getting her head wedged in the bin.

The news is a haunting echo of that urban legend about the guy who got his head stuck in a bottle bank (if you haven’t heard the story ask a friend).

Hampshire Fire and Rescue told the Soton Tab:

At 3.29am a female was released from a recycling bin using cutting equipment. A special equipment unit was called from Redbridge

Crew manager Chris Rashleigh, who was present at the scene, said to the Daily Echo:

I think it was student night, I imagine she was looking for more drink. I think she had been there for a little while by the time we got there.


When the fire crews turned up the girl was surrounded by friends with her head stuck in the bin with both feet on the ground.

The student said:

It was dark and smelly

The view inside the bin

The girl eventually managed to pull herself free with the aid of a fire fighter.

Mr Rashleigh said she was “very embarrassed” to be stuck in the bin for such a long time.

“She was very relieved to come out. She said ‘I will never do that again.’”

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  • Solent sucks



  • Cynic

    Like everybody else clicking on this link, I wanted photos of the actual incident, we all know what a bottle bank looks like.


  • anon

    What a waste of resources and tax payers money!


  • G.

    Time to update the photo!


  • God

    I hope they charged her for wasting the fire brigade’s time.


    big p

    She wasn’t wasting their time. She could genuinely have been injured, killed, or worse… Expelled!



    Appreciate the reference, but on the buzzfeed article:

    “But before they began their plan to cut around the bin to free the woman, she was able to pull herself free. She was not treated for any injuries.”