The SUSU shop is going to start selling alcohol, among other exciting plans. 

SUSU today announced that a £90,000 investment in the concourse shop will bring radical changes.

In a blog post on the SUSU website, Union President David Mendoza-Wolfson announced that the main supplier of food and drink products would be changing to Spar, bringing about a host of cosmetic upgrades but most importantly, an off-licence section.

SUSU shop

Surface upgrades include new coolers, tills, hot display counters and a “general face lift”, but more intriguing is the promise to implement “space efficient layouts”.

Students leaping up from their hard-fought seats in the library beware though, because the President warns that the facilities will be “fully operational by Easter”.

SUSU will be attempting to keep any disruption to a minimum by carrying out the works outside of opening hours, dashing any hopes of exploiting Hartley’s 24-hour opening for a groundbreaking library rave.

David’s blog says:

We believe these investments along with the changes in supply will help speed up service, deliver more varied selections and keep our facilities modern and relevant to our customer needs. We are anticipating all this to be fully operational by Easter and look forward to showing you our new facilities as they change over the forthcoming months.

The upgrades will also include the former Wessex Clothing outlet becoming ‘The Shop on Top’, selling clothing, giftware and additional stationary – this will hopefully mean that the often heinous queue in The Shop will be less of an issue.

We spoke to Union President, David Mendoza-Wolfson, about the changes. He informed us:

It will still be called The Shop, it’s really important to stress that we won’t be turning the shop into a Spar, they’re simply taking over from Palmer and Harvey as our primary suppliers. We’ll still have full control over what’s in the shop etc., it’s just that now we’ll be buying most of it through Spar.

Spar are the largest food retailer in the world, and this deal is not only allowing us to upgrade our shop facilities for a good price but will give us more competitive pricing over a wider range of products.

I’d like to stress that this will have no impact on our international food section, which will remain as extensive and diverse as ever.

Third Year Geographer, Joe Rosi, asked the question on everyone’s mind:

Got The Stag’s opposite, now The Shop, where are the bevvies gonna be popping up next?

Personally, Joe, if the Vice-Chancellor would like to supplement his already significant salary, we’d have no objection to his office supplying Pimms and lemonade in the summer.

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  • Bong head

    what does the vice chancellor’s salary have to do with this?


  • Dylan Craig

    More alcohol for the paddies!


  • Concerned Cornishman

    My only concern is that the half-decent pasties the shop currently does, might well be swapped for some ghastly and dodgy Spar imitation


  • Would prefer it

    If they turned the Cube into an Aldi.


  • feminist

    In the picture, above the open door, their is a woman mannequin with nearly exposed breasts. I demand these renovations to be cancelled and a full apology issued by morning.


  • S

    But will the food be improving?