Good news freshers! Wi-Fi is now available in all halls of residence. 

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The Univerisity’s wi-fi service, Eduroam, will now be available in all student rooms and communal areas, including halls bars, dining rooms, recreational rooms and BBQ areas.

The news finally comes after Student Services and iSolutions have been working on a large scale project for 18 months to upgrade the IT infrastructure in order to implement a wireless network.

Previously, to get internet access in halls students had to connect their laptops to the one ethernet cable in their room. This meant that students had limited access to internet on their smart phones and tablets. Additionally, students couldn’t use their laptops in their kitchen or other shared spaces.

You connect to Eduroam using your University login details and once you’ve logged in you shouldn’t have to keep entering your details, whether you are on campus or at your halls. Even more good news is that if you visit your friends at other unis that use Eduroam your devices should connect automatically.

As with everything new, there may be hiccups. If you do have any issues connecting to the wireless network you should contact ServiceLine.

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  • Ed

    About damn time!


  • Reetam Singh

    Had proposed the idea 2 years ago in Student Council and Shane Murphy put university policy as an excuse as the biggest hurdle but promised that he shall work on it. 2 years to implement but glad its out there now. Seems like having a house next to the halls along with proxy uni servers through means more pints in Jesters :)