A fire has broken out on Livingstone Road, due to cooking left unattended on the hob.


Heading in to save the cooking disaster

Fire services were called to a house at 11 Livingstone Road at around 12:30 this afternoon. The fire has since been extinguished.

The call was made by student Harry Buhagiar, who heard a fire alarm sounding in the house and discovered that it wasn’t occupied.

When firefighters arrived on the scene and forced entry. They soon discovered that the fire was due to cooking left on the hob.

A member of the fire crew said:

When we turned up we could hear a smoke alarm sounding and could smell light burning.  The property wasn’t occupied. We looked through letter box could see light smoke so we forced entry. We sent two men in who identified that the fire was caused due to cooking left unattended on the hob.

The crew quickly got the fire under control and ventilated the property.

Note to all: do not leave your hobs on unattended…

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